PROJURIS, joint stock Co., can help you

as an investment advisor

  • to search for business and investment opportunities,
  • to buy or sell a business,
  • to negotiate a joint venture,
  • to advise in all investment stages, from its planning up to its implementation,
  • to establish or alter a business company, to keep a corporate agenda,
  • to excercise due diligence and to assess investment projects,

as a real estate advisor

  • to prepare, construct and sell apartment and family houses and civic amenities

not only in Slovakia and the European Union, but also in the Ukraine, Turkey, China, Vietnam, Israel or in some country in Africa.

Brejčák Ján

Goralská dedina s.r.o.

Development of tourism at Zamagurie Region

Čarnogurský Ivan

IPEC Project Consult s.r.o.

Development of residential and office housing complexes

Ďurana Ján
Fedoročko Dušan

Real Konzult Slovakia s.r.o.

Energetics business

Gembický Július

Promotion services

Grošaft Igor


Offering commercial and production services in Partizánske in the area of the former Bata factory

Harach Ľubomír

LHC s.r.o.

Renewable energy resources

Haran Gad

Gad Haran Development Ltd.

Preparation and implementation of projects, especially in energetics

Hodermarský Jozef

FinGeo s.r.o.

Provision of complex geological works and services

Hoffmann Ladislav

Investment Consulting International s.r.o.

Construction of housing complexes and objects of civic amenities

Janči Peter
Kerekeš Peter

PKT s.r.o.

Engineering activities

Konôpka Vladislav

Commercial and real estate activities

Kovačovič Jozef
Kujan Martin
Lipka František
Nevický Otto
Norulák Pavol

Relations to Ukraine

Pásztor Štefan

DANAGRA s.r.o.

Machines and equipment in agriculture and renewable energy resources

Renčko Juraj

Ecofin Consulting s.r.o.

Financing development projects

Roman Miroslav

NTE Development s.r.o.

Energetic utilization of biomass

Sokolík Andrej

Transport construction and engineering

Sokolíková Ľubica

Leisure activities

Soldoš Peter

Preparation and implementation of projects in industry and energetics

Tomášik Milan

GESI s.r.o.

Geodetic works and services

Turkovič Ľubomír

LT Eng s.r.o.

Project and engineering activities in industry, construction industry and energetics

Vaculík Jozef

Legal services

Valach Vladimír

Volt consulting s.r.o.

Consulting and advisory activities in the field of energetics

Valko Ján

Business relations with Africa

Vitéz Miroslav

Business relations with Serbia and Croatia

Vizváry František

Business relations with Spain and Portugal

Wahl Zuzana

Investment and consulting activities in relation to the territory of countries of Northern Europe

Závodný Ivan
Zvala Lukáš

Business activities and investment in the countries of  Near and Middle East